Constitution Through Expression: Tying It All Together In Brunswick


by Joel Messinger, Composite Science & Manufacturing Major

Constitution Through Expression: Tying It All Together In Brunswick

The Brunswick campus continues to grow and promote a learning environment that exemplifies  community. Students resonate with a sense of focus and dedication to their success and in parallel the success of their peers. An impressive, reinforcing amount of support is exercised by students who take it upon themselves to form study groups, assist embattled peers, and provide peer-to-peer advising.

The cohesion of leadership and team work enriches the learning environment and reflects key members of faculty and staff’s mission and efforts. To provide students the opportunity to develop a relevant, valuable skill set empowered by a sense of leadership and dedication. The ability to provide this has been crucial to the success of the classes offered in Brunswick and will continue to set SMCC apart from other learning experiences and ensure student success.

Based in Brunswick, the Composite Science & Manufacturing program, which was originally developed as a workforce development program, has recently been recognized as the only science based composites degree program in the United States. Through close affiliation with industry the cutting edge program was designed and tuned to supply industry with a unique workforce capable of raising the bar. To the advantage of students and industry, graduates fill voids in the workforce and increase the possibilities of industry in Maine.

The program allows students to work in a real world environment as a team, utilizing scientific principles to solve industry related problems. Through the accurate documentation of data gathered during these labs, businesses gain valuable information and can improve their manufacturing processes. This direct connection with business has proven to be invaluable and risen the importance and value of the program exponentially. The Maine composites industry and students benefit greatly from the lab experiments conducted at the Maine Advanced Technology and Engineering Center in Brunswick.

The Composites Industry in Maine is a rapidly growing, flourishing job market. Composites have an impressive strength to weight ratio and due to their non corrosive properties impact the environment significantly less than traditional construction materials. Composite laminates are made from a combination of fiber reinforcement, such as fiberglass or carbon fiber, and a polymer or plastic matrix that binds the fibers together. Understanding the science involved with this process allows technicians to select materials appropriate for desired product specifications and installs an ability to troubleshoot problems in the field or manufacturing environment.

Former department chair and faculty member, Andrew Schoenberg brough teamwork and critical thinking into the learning environment. The combination of exclusive curriculum and real world lab exercises, was producing students, people, prepared to accept any challenge with a problem solving approach and an understanding of failure and success. These characteristics are invaluable in an engineering environment and equip a workforce with the mindset to achieve any project and overcome any challenge.

Collectively, we face challenges that will define our wellbeing and shape our lives for years to come. These challenges can be overcome if they are met with cooperation, ingenuity and persistent dedication to achieve a resolution. With a team of focused, like minded individuals there is great possibility and potential to strengthen and advance society creating a better world for ourselves and those who will build upon our work.

Through conversation students have expressed an interest to form an organization composed of students from all aspects of engineering, technology, science, and business. There is ever a call to increase the number of brightened minds and voices leading the way ahead. The Industry Awareness, Science and Engineering Organization will seek to establish a powerhouse of students and faculty interested in strengthening the relationship between the varying departments at SMCC while providing the opportunity to share their concerns for the future of ALL industry in Maine and develop ideas and methods to solve the many problems faced in today’s industry.

An objective of the organization will be to establish a team of students capable of completing a project that would provide industry with valuable information or a product prototype that was ready for field testing.

As we all move forward in different directions, it is important to stay bonded to each other. The future of one is the future of all.


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