A Just Society


By Ian Zillar

A Just Society

There are many social issues that circle the world today. One issue to look at is the concept of justice. Justice is the basic idea of the rule of law and how society is governed.

For example, a just society is usually democratic and as we have a system where our laws are essentially created by the people, these laws are usually more just than simply a law created by a dictator or king. However, the law does have to be just and a law that answers to the will of the people and protects the rights of the minority is just, whereas a law that does not is an unjust law.

For example, a law created by a king would be unjust because it was created not by the will of the people, but by someone who is willing to simply decide although that does not make it an unjust law just the length of their law legitimates the law.


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