Tech Talk – MindSumo: Make Money and Gain Experience

By Hannah Martin


Want to make some pocket cash for the Holidays? Want to beef up your resume? The website for you is MindSumo! It’s a place where college students get money for proposing solutions to real-world problems. It’s the easiest way to make money ever! Most of the problems aren’t even that hard, and when you propose a solution you get to add it to your resume. It looks really good on a resume that you’re solving problems for business.

What’s even better is that you can get around $50-$500 for winning just one challenge. You can get up to $50 for just signing up and using the promo code MAINEMONEY. After you sign up with the promo code MAINEMONEY you get $30. Once you solve your first challenge you’ll receive $15. If you complete your profile up to 85% you’ll get $5. Now you can’t cash out your money till you make at least $100 minimum, but if you sign up, you’re already half way there!


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