Drawing Spread

Drawing 1 students stood with their final drawings of the semester and stated their long-term goals. Some students said they wanted to use drawing to reach their creative limits. Others discussed goals that were seemingly unrelated to the visual arts, such as creative writing and dental hygiene. Despite seeming unrelated from these courses of study, drawing offers a unique opportunity to set goals for each work, to build a systematic approach to reaching these goals, and to revise, self-edit, and critique the drawings based on the goals set for them. German theologian, philosopher, and mystic, Meister Eckhart said,“Only the hand that erases can write the true thing.” Regardless of where these students want to end up, their abilities to set road markers, take action, and refine their goals in the face of new events and information will serve them well.


Ervin Casillin, from the Philippines, wants “to become competent enough with art to be able to tell all stories. I want to tell stories that inspire and resonate within people.”



Paul Moosmanh, who is majoring in Art, has the inspiration of pushing his creative limits and figuring out what he’s capable of.



Noah Sawtelle, a Lyman, Maine resident majoring in Liberal Studies, has the goal of being a dental hygienist in mind.



Jordan King is a CNMS student from Lyman, Maine. He wants to be happy and work in the film industry.



Madison Roy, majoring in Liberal Studies, is from Auburn, Maine and aspires to be a more confident student who will succeed in life.



Tegan Bradley says, “There are very few times in our lives when we actually know what we want to do. When you do know, you’re scared you’ll lose it. Being accepted into University of Maine in Farmington is the only realistic goal I have for the next year. There are only 12 seats in the Creative Writing Program, and I’m worried I’m not good enough for it.”


Luke Cameron, from Western Massachusetts, will be graduating from SMCC in May. He dreams of backpacking through Europe by himself.  


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