Campus Exposed: Advising Month and UhaulCarShare

Megan Prevost, Liberal Studies Major

If you’re a student here at SMCC you’ve probably heard through the grapevine that this month is

advising month. Either you’ve heard your teachers rambling on about it in efforts to get you to

actually sign up for classes at a reasonable date, or you’ve seen the posters around campus.

Advising month is quite possibly the most important month here at SMCC. It’s the month

where you meet with your advisers and plan out how you’re going to lay out your schedule for

the next semester, as well as how to save money, time, and general frustration. Advising month

will help you plan out the future of your degree and set goals for yourself.

Do yourself a favor and set up an appointment with your adviser.

Another exciting thing happening around campus is the integration of the

UhualCarShare program. UhaulCarShare and SMCC have teamed up to bring this new program

to the forefront. With one car on campus, specifically a 2015 Ford C-MAX Energi, this gives

students the ability to drive a car without having to continually maintain and pay for their own, as

many of us know the financial situation of most college students is usually a struggle. While

many college students have their licenses, there are many that don’t own their own cars.

This car can be taken out for an entire day at the flat rate of $62 or for about $5 per hour,

plus mileage. This car gives students without cars the freedom to travel outside the realm that

the bus system will bring you. With this new program, the possibilities are endless.

These cars are also better for the environment than taking the bus or having your own

car. They run on a rechargeable electric battery that could potentially improve air quality. One of

these cars could take about 20 personal cars of the road and with that statistic, maybe save a

few parking spots in our already crowded lot.


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