Citypass, Oh the Places You Will go!

By Dierdree Glassford Hospitality/Culinary Arts Major

When deciding on what to do for a special occasion, as a college student with very limited

funds, there is always so much that goes into it. Where do we go? Do we stay local, or is travel an

option? What would be enough, what would be too little? Where should we eat? Most of all though, the

real question is, Is this affordable?

There are so many questions that it can be extremely overwhelming, and sometimes the better

option would be to just stay in, order a pizza, and call it a night. Recently my partner and I celebrated

being together for two years. Two years may not seem like a lot, but whoa, to us it was an incredible

achievement. Celebrating that was important, but just because time has grown, doesn’t mean our

wallets have. So what to do?

Well, first step is to do your research! The options are endless and nonexistent, depending on

how you search. As a Boston native, I love going back into the city, but do not often find a decent

enough excuse. My Portland born and bred partner in crime has never really experienced Boston in all

its glory, and who better to show him around than someone who sort of remembers the way to the T

subway station? The aquarium was the top of our list, so I researched ticket prices there first, and that is

when I hit my jackpot.

The offer for the Citypass was simple: instead of paying separate prices for a handful of

awesome venues and sites, pay one price for less than all of them combined! It offered the opportunity

to attend the Boston Museum of Science, the New England Aquarium, the Museum of Fine Arts, and

either the Prudential Skytower OR the Harvard Museum of Natural History! I could not believe the

deal! $50 per person to see it all!

See it all we did! With excited smiles on our face, we started the day off with sting rays and

eels, sea turtles and seals. Once we had exhausted that option it was time for lunch, so we munched at

Faneuil Hall, with its ever-growing list of food options, and listened to some live Latin guitar. Then off

to the Museum of Science, where we napped on a bed of nails, got friendly with Sullie and Mike from

Monsters Inc. at the Pixar exhibit (which we got a discounted admittance to because of the pass), and

sparked up some love in the Lighting Theater.

After an entire day of exciting exhibits and way too many selfies, we yet again grew an appetite.

As a huge fan of bubble tea and dumplings, we decided to head over to Chinatown for some authentic

cuisine! Then we headed to the Boston Commons, caught part of a ghost tour, and got some kettle corn

to bring home. At this point, our feet were swollen and we were exhausted, but we were still very

determined to see our last spot.

Saving the best for last, we high tailed it to the Prudential Tower, where we went up 50 floors

and saw the sight of a lifetime. Boston, with all of its twinkling lights, looking like our very own

galaxy right here on Earth, was breathtaking. We looked out, as far as the eye could see, and were just

in awe. Our day in Boston coming to an end, we could not be more grateful for a day spent with our

loved one, exploring new sights, and experiencing the city. Looking for an inexpenxive way to see it

all? Grab a Citypass!


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