The Child Protective Dilemma

By Hali Sarah Parsons, Horticulture Major

The severity built into the State of Maine’s Child Protective Unit does not serve justice to

its hardworking citizens. We should implement suggestions to raise value using the true

equality statute abided by the United States of America.

Children are being returned to “sober” addicts with no permanency factor proven

neurologically that they will remain stable enough to maintain their sobriety.

Children are taken from loving parents who protect them from the slightest swear

and harmful chemical when enough outside factors make a case appear with “possible”

threats. In some cases, “potential” threats never have a clear picture of what eliminating

them looks like for the department, and good parents are misled to termination of their

parental rights. Cases like these are not helpful for our children; they are creating mental

health issues, not a better world.

In many cases, children who are victims of various abuses are not found by

Protective Services in time or ever.

Now comes the time to marshal new laws and abolished the outdated constitutions

of the 1900s. Each century we change dramatically. Legalities are in need to shift, to

reflect in supporting our growth and expansion.

Pregnant women and their families should go through training and assessment for

preventing child abuse. New organizations should develop to support this process and

active ones expanded.

No matter what a family’s strengths and weaknesses are, completing all the

programs and regulations that parents work through when founded threats are real or

alleged should be mandated.

Clear mental health guidelines should be established and parents evaluated.

If serious addictions and physical abuse are concerning, closer, extended

supervision, services and family time should be afforded. Twenty-four-seven care is


The largest impact that predicts our future is our children and the model for our

children is family life. Separation is not the answer to improve our children’s lives.

Showing children the work parents do to learn about themselves and grow to be better

while still loving their children with consistent care is vital to their development.

The biggest family is our country. Let’s change our world today.


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