Shippin’ Off to Boston! Faneuil Hall, Fire and Ice don’t disappoint

by Dierdree Glassford

Whether you are heading down with a class trip, or just adventuring for the weekend, Boston is a city that is near and dear to many hearts. As a Massachusetts native, my childhood was filled with so many different aspects of the world, with friends from every part of the world that made up the local neighborhood. One day we would be hanging out in Puerto Rico, eating Sofrito and black beans, kisses and hugs a plenty. The next we would find ourselves in Vietnam, eating fresh steamed dumplings, rice noodles, and mangos. Every day was an adventure, and whenever I am missing my childhood, I know right where to head back to – my home away from home, Boston.

Now, if you are there for a day of activity, planning on heading to the aquarium or the Museum of Fine Arts or the Science Museum, you are bound to gain a hefty appetite, rushing to catch the T just in time for that game at the Garden. For a quick meal, and for plenty of options,this Boston native would recommend grabbing lunch at the historical Faneuil Hall.

Originally a marketplace and meeting hall where the Declaration of Independence was first read, and located on the Freedom Trail, Faneuil Hall stands today as one of the BEST places in Boston to grab a bite to eat and get in a bit of shopping while you are at it. From Greek to Italy, Thailand to classic New England, they have everything you could ask for and more. This Bostonian has a classic favorite that she never seems to veer from. Every time I go, since I was a kid, I get the classic New England clam chowda bread bowl. It is messy in all the best ways, and it fills me up and gets me fueled up for the rest of the day.

Usually, when visiting Boston, we start off at the beginning of the day and go until around 6pm or so. By then we are so exhausted we just want to get back to our own beds. Dinner is a grab-and-go affair, so as far as dinner places in Boston I was formerly ill informed.

Not anymore! After a brutal day of paintballing, where we went all day and I was ready to die in a puddle of exhaustion, I joined one of my closest friends and her bachelorette party, dolled ourselves up, and headed to the hip and exciting Fire and Ice restaurant.

Whether celebrating the last days as a single lady, or a birthday (there were many of those that night), or even just a night out with a loved one, Fire and Ice is an eclectic and vibrant place to eat. A culinary dream, any person interested in creating with food will die and go to heaven when they see what is available at the buffet of items in front of them. An all-you- can eat buffet, Fire and Ice has a round hibachi grill and a team of skilled and entertaining chefs, ready to cook up whatever you put in your bowl! Prep areas surround the restaurant, with many different options to choose from, including sauces, that you pick and choose. Just stand by your bowl around the grill, wait your turn, and enjoy as the chefs wow and cook up your culinary delights! A must hit for all ages! Located on 205 Berkley Street in Boston, with plenty of parking right across the street, I will definitely be returning soon!



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