Out of Darkness and Into Light

By Illaria Dana

On September 20th, Bath, Maine hosted an Out of Darkness walk to raise awareness about

suicide and funding for suicide prevention. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

(AFSP) organizes walks like these in cities across the country. Walks were held in Scarborough,

Orono, Waterboro and Fort Kent this year.

Students from the SMCC Midcoast Campus joined the other participants to help raise

donations and to support AFSP’s mission. The students who are mostly Human Services majors

walked two and a half hours helping to raise $7,145 of the $10,000 goal for donations in Bath.

They proved their dedication to their future careers and community by walking in this solemn


AFSP’s website states that, “Together we can change the conversation about mental

health and put a stop to this tragic loss of life.” Participants in the walk in Bath paid to register

and were encouraged to raise donations for awareness and resources to prevent suicide.

Nationwide the AFSP Out of Darkness walk has grown from 24 walks in 2004 to 350 in

2015, as the number of participants has also grown from 4,000 to 200,000 in the same time span.

These walks are important for people like the Midcoast students, who want to make a

difference in their communities through their work, and for people who have lost their loved

ones. It is through action that we heal and show others that they are not alone.OutOfDarkness5


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