A Brief Voice For Our Future

By Hali Sarah, Horticulture

Saturday September 12, 2015 I attended the Greenfest at Monument Square in Portland.

(This was another “by chance” occurrence.) I am affiliated with Hour Exchange Portland,

which is a service for service systems where the person or company providing is not

necessarily the party to “return the favor.” Hour Exchange Portland is like “passing it

forward.” You could have talents or just be a regular person to participate. (Find out more at

http://www.HourExchangePortland.org.) When HEP reached out for members to staff at

Greenfest, I was available and chose a shift.

Arriving, I quickly recognized this fest had a lot of similar qualities in relation to the

sustainability discussed at the Seaweed Festival. Encouraged to see so many organizations

dedicated to our future and beginning to realize that once-dim-light is actually shining, I

decided to vote for the first time in my life and registered with the help of Tom MacMillan

who is running for Mayor of Portland. (Find out more about his campaign at

http://www.Tom4Portland.org.) In the past, I always thought that our voices as citizens wouldn’t

matter since the government can just make new laws –or that maybe hidden forces were at

play to shift things (such as money or brainwashing).

The past year I have been involved with the legal system and although amongst what is just

to most people’s judgments, all legal decisions resort to what is written in the law.

Proceeding, I still believe there is a lot of brainwashing done to us, including law officials.

This “brainwashing” happens in such a manner that a person’s stance becomes part of who

they are. Challenging our “factual” beliefs imposes on the only thing dependable in life –you.

With “corruption” aside, in the Supreme Court, the “law” boils down to a vote. That’s where

new laws can be written or current ones changed. In reserve of laws, “bills” can be passed

and that is where our changes begin.

Natural Resources Council of Maine is working effectively regarding environmental

protection. Currently, they have successfully defeated mining rules and conserved energy

efficiency. Additional achievements include lake protection, microbead banning and paint

recycling. The council continues to work on protecting public forests from excess logging,

protecting land for Maine’s future and expanding the solar energy policy. (More info at

http://www.nrcm.org.) Find something that makes you passionate about our future and get involved.

We all make a difference just being us, but coming together provides the foundation to

enhances our impact!


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