3 Plants To Liven Up Your Space. Hard to kill, and easy to keep. Get some new friends to grow with.

Tegan Bradley, Liberal Studies

Everyone has a side of them that pretends to know what to do when it comes to interior

decorating. But beside what bed spread, pillows and desk accessories we choose, everything

else is just an eclectic assembly of things we like, hoping they go together. Well one thing that

looks good in all styles and room types are house plants. So, which one is good for you? Let’s

take a look.

First up is epipremnum aureum, better known as golden pothos. They are the most

popular house plant due to the smooth green leaves that grow off long, draping vines. It has a

dreamy and romantic feel. And of course, they are super easy to grow and keep. They can grow

happily in a pot with dirt and should be watered at least once a month. But if you are worried

about under-watering the pothos, they can also live contently in a vase of just water, or a jar of

water. Since we’re all poor college students it’s probably going to be a jar. The pothos don’t like

too much light so keep them inside, away from a window and they’ll be no problem.

Next we have the sansevieria trifasciata, or as people besides botanists call it, the snake

plant. It has long green leaves with yellow edges that stand straight up from the root, giving it a

bush like appearance. They don’t like a lot of water, attention, or sunlight. So pretty much,

imagine you have a vampiric Oscar the Grouch as your plant. They still need water and sunlight,

but if you forget to water them for a month or two the snake plant won’t notice. However, like all

plants, if they start to turn brown it’s a good sign to water it.

Finally we have crassula ovata, the jade plant. Another popular house plant, the jade is

native to the South African desert. Despite this, they can survive indoors during the colder

Maine winters. They would prefer direct sunlight, but will be fine in indirect sunlight, and the less

water they get the better. They do need water very infrequently; if its leaves start to shrivel or fall

off it probably needs water. Water it . . .  then leave it alone! The jade does have a tendency to

fall over; this doesn’t mean it’s dying. At a certain point they just become too heavy to stand up.

So they fall over. They will be fine.

All three of these plants are similar in the way they should be cared for: water

infrequently, with partial to direct sunlight. If you’re worried they will grow too big, don’t. As long

as you don’t repot them they won’t get any bigger. All of these plants and many more just like

them can be found at Lowes and Broadway Gardens.


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