Midcoast Campus Welcome BBQ is Abuzz

Beacon BBQ
Beacon BBQ
Blue Angels fly over students.
Blue Angels fly over students.
Midcoast BBQ!
Midcoast BBQ!
The Blue Angels
The Blue Angels

by Rosemary Harkenrider-Crossman

On Thursday, September 3rd, while students, staff and faculty enjoyed a welcome back

barbeque on the South Portland campus, listened to the Proftones, comprised of SMCC

professors, and marveled at the ocean’s spray students on the Midcoast campus in Brunswick

enjoyed a barbeque of their own, accompanied by the Blue Angels buzzing through the sky.

The U.S. Navy Blue Angels returned from a three-year hiatus to the former Brunswick

Naval Yard, which closed in 2011, and put on an airshow for an expected audience of 70,000

over the two-day show.

Midcoast campus students (from left to right) Jake Lipetz, Rosemary Harkenrider-

Crossman and Isabel Drehobl seem to be unaware of the Blue Angels flying by until the jets

sound passed by.


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