Dining With Dierdree

DiningDierdree(ArtsFeatures)By Dierdree Glassford


Hello everybody! Hello readers! This summer has been full of so many adventures, from visiting

family in Canada, to swimming in the local watering hole, to getting together with friends and family.

All of it simple, relaxed, and always accompanied by food. Now this summer I got the chance to eat all

over, from the best hot dog stand in Portland, ME, to one of the best steak houses in Ontario, and they

all had one thing in common: they were delicious! This year my goal is to find the best places to eat, at

the best costs, for people that have a budget on their wallet and not their level of taste and excitement!

Here and there I hope to invite you all to eat vicariously through me, bringing the meal home, where

it’s a lot less expensive and still super delicious.

This summer I was able to host an amazing birthday party, for myself and for the love of my

life. What I found was that there were so many options when we sat down at home and made the meal

together, from the heart, for the heart. Like anyone else I LOVE a good night out on the town, and that

is where most of my articles this year will cover, but I decided that I wanted to bring people home

where we get our own hands dirty and can be proud of the meal that we come up with, whether it’s

Pinterest worthy or not.

My favorite of the summer was the good old potluck. Where has the tradition of potlucking

gone? More and more these days I see people willing to order in Dominoes than to make something

fresh, healthy, and capable of sharing at home. I love when a meal comes together that everyone was a

part of. At my birthday bash this summer I invited a few close friends that could make it last minute,

and we threw together an amazing dinner. From a friend who brought melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork

sandwiches that he made in a crock pot, to an amazing bean and rice mix that was so homey and filling,

we could barely stand up from the table after! Which did not bother me one bit.

All over the world one of the key elements that keeps coming up as what brings people together

is good food and company. Mealtime is when we all reconnect, over something comforting and

nourishing, with people that hold the same qualities. I will always remember those hilarious moments

when my sister threw mashed potatoes across the table, or my Mom squished cookie crumble ice cream

cake into my hair at an introduce-the-boyfriend-to-the family dinner. Nothing stopped the laughter, the

giggles, the memories from pouring through. Now I am not saying I want a repeat of fishing cookie

crumbs out of my hair in the shower, but a repeat of those amazing memories and the chance to make

more? That I’ll take any day.

So, whether I venture out on the town this year, or stay home and make a meal for close friends,

I will cherish every moment, and every delectable bite.

So stay tuned and gather round, because the eating has just begun!

‘Til our next bite!

Dining Dierdree


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