Brief Voice For the Sea

Seaweed Map
Seaweed Map

By Hali Sarah

Recently, by chance, I attended a seaweed festival in Portland, Maine. At the title, I thought

it was going to be pretty lame. During my attendance, I quickly realized that this is a new age

movement (if I may define it as such). Turns out, seaweed has all types of benefits to our

bodies and the earth!

I learned that at the rate of our food consumption and the depletion of nutrients in

our soils, biologists forecast agriculture to be severed by 2070. They say that many thyroid

diseases stem from low levels in iodine, and table salt is the only source for our iodine.

However, it is reported that seaweed is the savior “ocean vegetable” that can solve all our

problems. It is theorized that seaweed accommodates all of our minerals and iodine is

included. They are using seaweed in soils to replenish them and are fighting to make a stance

with the burden of government regulations who seem to be so rooted in tradition that new

age ideals are often outlawed.

Along with our soils, implementing seaweed in our diets is also a mission. Finding

different, easy ways to add seaweed to our diets is in the works. Naturopathic practitioners

and everyday people have found that different types of seaweed are better for distinctive

health issues and report amazing cures that include shingles and acne. Recently, I have begun

to add seaweed into my tubs and have found it beneficial.

To find out more on the benefits of seaweed and hear directly from seaweed activists



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