Autumn Shows and New Releases

By Garrick Hoffman

If you’re an audiophile, bibliophile, cinemaphile, and livemusicphile such as myself (indeed, that

I just coined that last term), you’ll be ecstatic to know what kind of entertainment is to unfold

this fall season. That is, if you’re into the same music, books, and movies as me. So here’s what

you can look forward to – if you’re me. Or if you’re you, who’s into the same things as me. All

right, all right.

Rejoice, All Ye Metalheads

Metal giants August Burns Red released their newest album Found In Far Away

Places on June 30 of this year, and like any band who releases a new album, they’re touring to

support it. On November 28, they’ll be playing at The Palladium in Worcester, MA. Bring your

friends and your A-game. I’ll see you there.

In other metal news worth headbanging to, Parkway Drive, AKA the rockers from “down

under,” are releasing their fifth studio album, Ire, on Friday, September 25. Although the

first two singles from this album are – at least to me – a bit uninspired, I’m nonetheless eager to

get my paws on the album and my ears on the music. Their album Deep Blue is undoubtedly

one of my favorite metal albums of all time, a masterpiece of the genre. And I don’t use

“masterpiece” frivolously.

In support of Ire, Parkway is traveling all the way from the depths of Australia to

tour North America. In fact, they’ll be playing at the House of Blues in Boston less than two

weeks before August Burns Red’s Worcester show, on November 15. I guess as a metalhead I’m

a bit spoiled. Let’s just hope I can hear ABR after Parkway attacks my ears with chaotic


Climb the Ceiling of the World –

If you’ve read Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin Air, this movie is up your alley.

Everest, with the release date set for Friday, September 18, tells the story of the

1996 Mt. Everest disaster that ended in tragedy. Six lives were lost, frostbite struck its victims,

and inconceivable adversity – physically and psychologically – befell climbers after a despotic

storm swept through an expedition up the mountain. Although the movie isn’t a direct adaptation

of Krakauer’s book, it nonetheless embodies the many accounts of what happened that day,

giving the audience an unnerving and dramatic experience as we live vicariously through the

actors. It should be one of adventure, but ultimately of suspense, thrill, and tumult, our hearts

galloping as the climbers inch towards the summit and experience the unfathomable.

City and Colour Comes to New England

It’s aboot time.

Canadian folk/acoustic musician Dallas Green, under the moniker City and Colour (the

“u” proves the Canadian-ity, and I’m sure you can put together the significance of his moniker),

is coming to play two shows in Massachusetts in December, and is releasing a new album, If I

Should Go Before You, on October 9. To anticipate the release, City and Colour has released

three new singles, with one of them being particularly infectious: “Lover Come Back”. Please,

someone help pry this beautiful gem out of my brain before I lose it or sing it in public without

knowing that I’m even doing it. On second thought, I’m just gonna listen to it on repeat instead.

City and Colour is a paradox: three of his albums have gone platinum (meaning they’ve

sold over 80,000 units, according to certification by Music Canada) and some of his most

popular songs are played in public places here in America, yet it seems hardly anyone knows

about him. It’s shocking his music isn’t popularized on the radio in America more.

City and Colour plays the Calvin Theatre in Northampton, MA on December 4, and the

City Colour
City Colour

House of Blues in Boston the next night, December 5, with opening band Bahamas. Do you have

your tickets yet? I know I do.


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