An Invitation From CeSIL: Imploring students to join or begin clubs, host events, and more!

By Dierdree Glassford

New to the school? Looking to meet new people? Do you already miss being a part of the

student government, or a drama club, or even just having a game night with your friends?

Believe it or not SMCC has some of the best student organizations around, and they are

right at your finger tips!

Where do you find out about it all? The CeSIL Office! The CeSIL Office, which

stands for Center for Student Involvement and Leadership, is the place to find out all of

the information you might need in order to become really involved in the community here

at SMCC. From learning about what type of clubs we have available to join, to

understanding how to be a part of the decisions made by the student body, the CeSIL

Office has all that information and more!

There are also many different events and activities that occur throughout the year,

and we would love for you to be at them! The annual Halloween dance will be coming up

in October, with many fun things in store! We will also have the Winter Carnival! Are

you interested in being able to lead a team in the future, whether it be through work or in

class? Understanding how to be an effective and confident leader is something that is

very important in today’s society. Many people find that when they have great leadership

skills they are able to relate better to their peers, and it comes in handy if you were to

ever be put into a managing position.

The Emerging Leaders program, led by a board of active and strong leaders from

Southern Maine Community College, offers a semester’s worth of leadership training to

students interested in honing their skills. You learn about all different aspects of

leadership, from how to plan and organize your everyday life, to how to run and plan an

event, to how to work with well with others. For already active leaders as well as people

just starting their leadership journey, it is an amazing way to get your feet wet and push

yourself. If you have an idea that you would like to have the school do, or have

suggestions for change, you can always come over and chat with us and we can help you

become involved in the decision making process. The students at SMCC have a voice,

and when we work together, that voice is heard.

Wouldn’t you love to be a part of positive change and improvement here at

SMCC? If there was something you LOVE and are very passionate about, but you can’t

seem to find a student organization that is available for that passion, you can even start

your own club! Just a few guidelines to meet and you could be the next President of the

Biking Club, or the Cooking Club, or whatever else you think people would love to be a

part of! The CeSIL Office is dedicated to offering you more at school, and we want to

give you the opportunity to get involved, find what you are passionate about, and see you

succeed! So stop on by our office at Springpoint Residence Hall and let us invite you to

join our community!


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