Student Senate Synopsis

By Erik Squire

Education Major

The Student Senate conducted its second meeting of the semester last Wednesday, and it

went straight to the last minute. We covered everything from the Senate budget for the fiscal

2015-16 year and approved three finance requests. We discussed an official Senate Training,

and swore in two new members (Jeremy and June).

The three finance requests we received were from ASTEP (Artists Striving to End

Poverty) and it was for a special trip Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival.

The budget that was approved by the Senate consists of $100,000. It is made up of a

large fraction of your student activity fee and is divided between 10 line items. The two largest

line items are for student organizations ($40,000, used for clubs) and student activities

($37,000). We also created a great new item line over the summer for the Student

Involvement Project Fund. The Fund is for students who are non-Senate members to apply

for when they want to put on an activity or invite a speaker that elicits student involvement.

Finally, the Student Senate will be putting together a training for Senate members to

learn all about the Constitution, the operating procedures, proper conduct, and how to best

represent constituents. It will be held on a Friday two weeks henceforth from 10am-3pm.

Those who are interested in becoming a Student Body Representative, please contact

Erik Squire at:


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