Maine’s Gun Control Should Not be Lessened

By Ashley Berry
Political Science Major

Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Columbine, Aurora, and the list goes on. Everyone knows those names because they carry such immense weight. They are not just names of places or schools, they are symbols of tragedy and they are very much symbols of failure. Failure to enact gun control laws that are reasonable and safe. No one wants to tackle the challenge because it’s such a hot button issue. The hardcore second amendment freaks will not even entertain the idea of strict gun control, and here in Maine they’ve gone one step further in their ridiculous and unnecessary crusade to abolish it.
LD 652 is legislation sponsored by Senator Eric Brakey, who is a Republican from Auburn. The legislation will change the current law that requires someone to apply for a permit to carry a concealed weapon. The law currently states that someone who wants to carry a concealed weapon has to apply for a permit to their town or to the Maine State Police.
In order to get the permit an applicant has to fill out a lengthy questionnaire that asks questions about criminal convictions, drug use, violent offenses, and violation of protection orders. The questionnaire also asks applicants about their mental health. In order to get the permit they must also prove that they have a knowledge of handgun safety.
Concealed carry permits are one of the only forms of gun control that the state of Maine has. Taking away this one barrier will just lessen the distance between Maine citizens and violence. If this passes, Brakey will be doing harm that he obviously does not comprehend.
Polling done in Maine by Goodwin Simon Strategic Research shows that the citizens of this state do not support repealing the current law. 84% of voters in Maine think a permit should be required to carry a concealed weapon. 87% believe that the current law should stay. 87% is a very large majority, and in democracy the majority rules. Well in theory, not always in politics.
This type of right-wing lunacy tends to come in groups and it gains momentum fast. One state passes and then another and it keeps gaining power and then it becomes an even bigger problem for this nation. It is completely backwards of where this state and where this country need to go.


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