Fledgling Artists Flee the Nest

ArtShow2(ArtsFeatures) By Koren Sullivan
Art Major

As a graduating senior of the SMCC art program, I’ve got to say it’s been an awesome semester. (And not just because I’m graduating!) Spring 2015 started out very casual and low-key, but as we near commencement time, things are getting fast and furious. The most recent excitement has been for those of us taking ARTH-295 Portfolio Seminar with Instructor Jeff Badger. It’s like a crash course in everything you need to know in order to get out there and be an artist.
We’ve learned how to write artist statements, bios and resumes. We’ve studied up on artist grants, residencies, etc. We interviewed established artists and we devised a plan to work with local elementary students in an after school art program. The course is culminating in a student art exhibit at an off-campus gallery. (The exhibit is currently underway at 3fish Gallery, 377 Cumberland Avenue, Portland, as this last issue of the 2014-2015 Beacon goes to press.)The last few weeks of getting the show together have definitely been the most fun part of the semester. It’s not been stress-free, however, as we’ve all had to agree on the various details of the exhibition from soup to nuts. Which means we needed to figure out what the show’s press release should say, what the postcard announcements would look like, and what pieces should be hanging where in the gallery. Despite the plethora of decisions to be made, it’s been a blast.
Students participating in the exhibit are: Joe Auclair, Mayra Azucena Bello, Kristen Burke, Veronica DeSanctis, Angela Gray, Lauren Kennedy, Miranda Newman, Gayle L Perry, and, yours truly, Koren Sullivan. I asked my classmates to give me their thoughts on both the show and their time spent in the art program and they had plenty of great stuff to say. Regarding our Portfolio class, Lauren said, “The small class size made conversations feel more intimate and meaningful, giving our time a laid-back vibe.” And Mayra said this, “My favorite thing about getting the show up was working as a team with my classmates. Seeing the final product and how we put it all together… it brought me great joy.” I agree with both statements, as this was a pretty chill class, but one in which we’ve all grown so much as we moved toward this exhibit. Plus, I really enjoyed watching some of my fellow classmates learn how to use a drill for what looked like the first time. (Don’t worry guys– I’m not naming names!)
ArtShow1(ArtsFeatures)Jeff Badger had this to say about the exhibit: “This show is a great example of the diversity and strength of the art program here at SMCC. We have sculpture, photo, fibers, printmaking, video, jewelry, drawing, and painting all created by students of different ages and backgrounds. Each student brought their own interests and past experience to the program, and then used the faculty and facilities at SMCC to further develop their craft. Each of these students has a bright future and I’m excited to see where they go next!”


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