Business Club Volunteers for Habitat for Humanity

By Nicole-Raye Ellis


Members of the SMCC Business Club volunteered their time to help Habitat for Humanity of Greater Portland on Friday, April 17th.  Nicole-Raye Ellis organized the event for the Business Club to help with the construction in a large neighborhood project located in Freeport, Maine. After a brief orientation about Habitat of Humanity (it was established in 1976 and has grown to be one of the largest home-building organizations in the US and the biggest in the world) and an overview of safety procedures, the students got to work.

BusinessClub2One group of students worked indoors on tasks that included moving appliances, switching over doors of appliances, clean-up and sweeping of a house that will be ready for occupancy within the week. The other two groups of students worked outside on another home in the earlier stages of construction doing tasks that included cutting, installing, nailing, and securing outside blue foam board insulation. All Habitat home owners are required to provide community service within their neighborhood and the houses themselves are built to be environmentally friendly and efficient.
Participants were students:  Sandra Bassett, Andrew Swett, Samantha Miller, Iman Ali, Nicole-Raye Ellis, Dominik Porobic, Lexes White, Adam Booker, and club adviser Steve Strand. It was a great day all around for the Business Club students and Habitat for Humanity!



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