An Awesome Program for Computer Techs

By Najib Ismael
TechTalkWhenever I see an IT technician’s tool kit it is always large. That large tool kit contains a lot of discs and each disc contains at least one program. What if you need 30 programs that are all necessary for troubleshooting? Are you going to carry around 30 discs? Well that is what a lot of technicians do. Let me give you the good news: there is a program that enables you to have more than 100 programs/ISO’s on a single disc, Sardu.
Sardu stands for Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disk Utility and was developed by Davide Costa. Sardu is only 11 MB and very easy to use; any average user can create this disc without any prior knowledge. The most interesting part is that Sardu will give you the possibility of having a multibootable DVD/USB. This program is free and available for all on and computer technicians are the ones who will benefit the most because they won’t carry around a heavy tool kit any more but a lighter one.
With Sardu you can combine all your discs onto one multibootable disc and your job is made quite a bit more efficient. You can have a collection of Antivirus, Utilities, Windows and Linux live programs onto a single DVD/USB. Each category is a collection of its own. For example, you can have multiple Antivirus and Windows programs such as XP/7/PE/Recovery disk all on a single disc. Just make sure you have enough space on your media and all your programs are in ISO format to create the disc. You can Google or watch YouTube videos on how to do the process.
Once you have your multiboot disc created you can then remove viruses, malicious, test hardware, repair OS, recover data and install Windows Operating Systems. Since this eliminates the need to carry around heaps of different bootable CDs, technicians should take advantage of it. You can also create a multibootable USB instead of a DVD which is very handy for when there is no optical drive available. Sardu is simply the best solution to combine all your bootable ISO’s into one.
Najib Ismael is a member of the Computer Technology Senior Seminar course and is planning on a career in computer network. The link to the online version of this article is on his website:


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