Attention Windows Users! and Smart Watches

TechTalkAttention Windows Users!

By Matt Mizrahi


Looking for a simple and FREE solution to increase your computer’s performance?  This article will discuss the benefits of Glary Utilities. This free download, available from Glarysoft, offers numerous, easy-to-use tools to optimize one’s PC. Anything from slow boot time, accidentally deleted files to decreased desktop performance, Glary Utilities can help!

What’s great about GU (besides the free part) is that all of its tools provide friendly user interfaces, which means they’re easy to use! Let’s start with a few of my favorites. GU comes with a registry cleaner, which will scan and repair errors on invalid registry entries that can cause freezing and system crashes, common problems most PC users are familiar with. Shortcuts fixer will find all invalid shortcuts and will give you the option to either remove or repair them. This is a handy tool if your desktop is covered with shortcuts to applications or documents that are constantly being updated.

To help keep your disk (typically your hard drive) clean, the Glary Disk Cleaner is an excellent choice. This tool will find and delete junk files associated with incomplete uninstalls and temporary internet files. These temporary files are cached browser files, used for quick loading of web pages that you have visited. Disk Cleaner can remove these, which means more free space on your hard drive! Next, I’ll touch on a nifty tool called File Undelete. This tool offers an effective way to recover deleted files from your hard drive or external devices (flash drives, etc.) and will display a list of files that have been recovered. Of course, not every single file can be recovered. File Undelete will classify the recovery status as Very Good, Good, Medium, Poor and Overwritten. Please note that if a file has been overwritten, it cannot be recovered.

My all-time favorite tool from Glary Utilities is the Startup Manager. Startup Manager allows you to manage all programs that begin running upon startup of the operating system. Many of these programs are unnecessary and consume valuable resources, which results in sluggish performance. For example, one could disable Adobe Updater from running on startup, freeing up memory and decreasing overall boot time. This means that your desktop will be ready in less time upon starting the computer. Startup manager will even provide details such as the percentage of users who disable a particular program, helping you decide if it’s useful or not!

Now if a user prefers a simplified approach to optimizing their PC, they may prefer the “1-Click Maintenance” panel. This option will execute several main tools (registry, disk cleaner, etc.) in sequence, providing consistent and basic optimization of their computer. Running an older version of Windows? Not to worry, Glary Utilities is compatible from Windows XP on up!

Matt Mizrahi is a member of the Computer Technology Senior Seminar course and is planning on a career in IT.

Smart Watches

By Emery Thompson


When someone says they have a “smart” watch people often wonder, “What does that phrase mean?” Smart? Watch? In the same sentence? Yes!

“A Smart Watch is a computerized wristwatch with functionality that is enhanced beyond timekeeping,” according to Wikipedia.

Earlier models could perform basic tasks, such as calculations and translations.  There is also another common feature called the activity tracker, which is basically a fitness tracker. This often tracks the steps you take in a day, and has the ability to track your calories as well as water intake, usually through the help of an application from your phone. The watches usually connect using Bluetooth.

Smart watches were first introduced to the general public in 2009 and cost around $800. Now all the major companies have smart watches and the price has come way down, and the trend it still continuing in this downward progression. These devices have some awesome features, which adds to the appeal for people. One of these awesome features of owning one of these devices is that you don’t have to continually pull your phone to check the time, which can be annoying.  Another cool feature is that you can sync your phone to the watch, which can be helpful in many ways, again usually using the Bluetooth connection to your phone. It will actually display text messages and calls right on your watch, allowing you to even answer calls. This can be very helpful for people who don’t have the time to constantly pull their phone out to check for calls or text messages. Now, without even pulling your phone out, you can see what text messages you have, any missed calls. This is great for professionals.

Another great advantage is that you can even answer calls on your watch, talking to people while you do all sorts of activities, no longer having to hold your phone to your ear or have an annoying headphone set with cumbersome cords. Plus it just looks cool, and isn’t that what it’s about nowadays? Some of the disadvantages of owning one of these watches is that yes they still cost around $200, which is still a lot of money for some people. Another disadvantage is that you have another device with another battery that requires you to charge, though with time there is bound to be some kind of advancement that takes away the need to continually charge the watches. Perhaps they will invent a smart watch that can be charged by movement?

Some smart watches, like the Moto360, which is the only circular watch, comes with a wireless charging pad; you just set the watch on it and it charges just like if you had plugged it in! Amazing! That itself makes charging a bit less of a hassle. You don’t have to worry about finding an open plug. Just get a plug and put your watch on the platform, and then allow it to charge without having to worry about it.


Emery Thompson is a member of the Computer Technology Senior Seminar course and is planning on a career in IT.


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