Art and Culture Class

Aboriginal Australian Paintings

Teacher:  Mary Hart

Cherish_Urbaniak_art and cultureThese paintings were inspired by our study of Australian Aboriginal culture, one of the oldest continuous cultures in the world. They are based on the idea of “Tjukurrpa” or the “Dreamtime,” which is both an Aboriginal creation myth and the source of actual maps of sacred places in the landscape.

In their paintings, students were asked to create an aerial map of a real or imagined place, inventing symbols to mark significant spots. The “dot” style is typical of contemporary aboriginal work.

Through readings, films and lectures, our Art and Culture course explores a variety of artistic and cultural traditions from around the globe.  A hands-on studio project accompanies each culture studied, helping students to deepen their understanding of aesthetic values.


For more information:
Betsy_Lagace_art and culture

Kelly_Dorr_art anc cultureChris_Doucette art and culture


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