Marin on Movies

Marin on Movies
Liberal Studies/English Major

“Gone Girl” (Give ‘er FOUR AND A HALF STARS)

If Valentine’s Day had you feeling down in the dumps for being a lonely, unlovable S.O.B, I strongly suggest you delve into the genius book and movie, Gone Girl. After all, it’s never too late to kick those lingering V-Day blues once and for all, and I’m pretty sure Gone Girl will do just that.
The book, written by Gillian Flynn, details the chilling aftermath of a college love story gone awry. The college sweethearts, Amy and Nick Dunne, are forced to move to the mid-west and leave their jobs as writers in New York behind when Nick’s mom becomes ill. Nick is able to find a new job working as a college professor, and running a bar that was paid for through Amy’s inheritance. Meanwhile, Amy is attempting to adjust to their new lifestyle in a much different way. On the morning of Amy and Nick’s fifth anniversary Amy seems to have disappeargone-girl-postered, and Nick seems to be the number one suspect.
While both watching and reading the story I was blown away by every new twist and turn in the plot. Coming from someone who isn’t generally a huge fan of what I would call a murder mystery/thriller story, I would recommend all books/movies of this genre if I knew they would all be as well executed as Gone Girl. Both the book and the movie had me questioning who was at fault for all of the utter craziness that took place, right up until the very end. The almost sickening tale of deceit, lies, and wicked love games had me hooked. I had to get to the bottom of it all.
My book versus movie favoritism always depends on how well the movie sticks to the events in the book, and unfortunately there is a crucial scene missing at the end of the movie. In my mind a key component of a good thriller lies in the soundtrack choices, and Gone Girl nailed it. Steering clear of the cliché horror movie music, the soundtrack effectively upped the creepy factor, rather than taking away from it.
Another notably well done thing in the movie was Amy’s voice over. When reading her narration in the book I imagined it to sound more cheerful and upbeat, perhaps because in the book it was harder to tell just how insane she was until almost the very end. But in the movie Amy’s voice alone was enough to send a chill down my back. Although the movie was done incredibly well, with Ben Affleck as the emotionless husband and Rosamund Pike playing “Amazing Amy”, I would still have to recommend the book over the movie.
Overall I would give Gone Girl a total of four and a half stars because of its incredible storyline and well executed cast and effects.


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