By Dan-Herley Mathieu

Let me reveal a secret that will change how we perceive the world forever and ever. It’s really hard not to be a writer when one is a thinker by nature. I spend 90% of my time reading and thinking, which is how I came up with this brilliant theory. It is harder and harder for me to sleep at nights because I cannot stop thinking. The spirit who lives in my body wants to reveal that secret to the rest of the world. I do not have any other choice but to obey. The secret is, we humans are colorless. I know that this declaration sounds crazy but let me explain.

Color is a huge issue in the world. Racial differences are based on color. Color categorized societies. Color was such a big deal many years ago that leaders such as Adolf Hitler felt like it was important to separate the white race from the others. They say Hitler wanted to preserve the purity of the white race. I have to tell you that this was one of the biggest mistakes that one could ever make. The reason why is simple. Humans are colorless, so how can they be separated based on color?

Some of you may be asking what makes me think that humans are colorless in a world where some people have many privileges because of their skin color. The answer to that question is that my concept of “human” is different from what most people seem to believe. I believe that humans are more than just bodies. Humans are spiritual beings living in a material world; therefore those spirits need physical envelopes to be on earth. Humans are invisible.

My understanding of our spiritual reality means that you have never and you will never see me, as I have never and I will never see you. Dan-Herley Mathieu is the spirit inside this Haitian body, which is 5.6 ft high, black skin, frizzy hair, and so on. I could have been in any other physical body, but I am inside this one for some reason. I did not choose to be in this body. If I had a choice, I would not have chosen to be in a body because I suffer physical pain in it. I am not what you see. I am more than just my physical appearance. My body has a color, height, weight, and all the biological traits, but I do not have any of those. I am the spirit who guides a body; so are you.

I am free and colorless; I am limitless, therefore do not judge me based on what I am not – a body. I am neither black nor white. I have no skin. I am just colorless.

If every one of us could picture humans as we really are, colorless, that will be the end of racism in the world. The concept of color is the main cause of all the discrimination in the world. One hates others just because their skin is not the same color. Now, it is the time to start seeing each other not only at the physical level, but as spirits. Let’s consider each person in a different way than we used to consider them. We are spiritual beings, invisible. We are colorless. If only we could see each other without those physical envelopes we would realize that we are similar. There are no differences of color among us.


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