Money in Politics

By Ian Ziller
Political Science Major
moneyThe money in politics is a big problem. For example, the Koch brothers (two billionaires with strong conservative ideology) plan to spend $900k or more in the 2016 election campaign. They have been giving a large amount to presidential candidates on both sides. This is a problem because this kind of money can corrupt the political process.
What can be done about the corruption? Well the best way is to vote. Voting is the best way in a democracy to make our voices heard and show that the money does not completely rule and that your vote can matter. However, the best way to make a difference is not in the general election. Voters who are registered with a political party have the chance to vote in their parties’ primary and the chance to choose who is best to represent the party and be the presidential nominee.
Whatever party that you are part of, you should vote because the choice of whether or not the candidate that is chosen is one with more money and influence than others is something that does need to be looked at, and you have to choice to vote for someone who does not represent the corporate interests.


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