Poetic License


by Patrick Doyle

Liberal Arts – English Major

For months my battery

was depleted; I couldn’t

keep a charge. None of

the days’ monotony could

bring even a spark.

Then you came along.

My fingers reached forward

to hold you, to love you,

and then it happened!

Electrical shocks.

It felt like walking on air,

buzzing with a sensory overload.

Electricity my

body tanks need to power

depleted emotions.

I don’t walk in half-powered

waltz, I now skip through

fields of static hovercraft, thanks to

yr currents of love and affection.

I feel alive and this life provides

love back onto you.

Sometimes my supercharge leads to

overwrought circuitry, but those days

will now be regulated so I may give you the symphony

you deserve, beautiful thunder.


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