“At Arm’s Length”

By Sean Moore
Communications & New Media Major
My name is SSeanMooreean Moore, writer and director of the short film At Arm’s Length. As a lover of the romance genre, I wanted to create a film that shows a side of love that isn’t presented frequently in the media.
This film is a dark romance that follows two young gay men, Darryl and Terrence, as they try to salvage their broken relationship. After having his secret of self-abuse discovered by his boyfriend, Darryl tries to make amends by becoming a “new” person. However, no matter how hard he tries, Terrance can’t shake the past and frequently antagonizes him for it. This film focuses on topics such as mental abuse, self-abuse, and the overall realism of relationships.
At Arm’s Length will be premiering on May 5th at the Nickelodeon along with a plethora of other amazing short films. The students of the communications major are essentially creating a film from start to finish to showcase during the Maine Mayhem Festival.
As for 3bitfilms, the creative behind At Arm’s Length, we’re using this experience to hopefully open many doors within the future. At this point in time, we are fully cast, and begin shooting on February 14th. We’re so lucky to have a cast of talented people who are dedicated to making this film a reality.
For more information on the project, please feel free to follow us on our Facebook page, AtArmsLengthFilm, or our website – http://www.atarmslengthfilm.com.


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