Student Interviews

By Taylor Chretien

I asked these questions and these are the responses I got from students.
What do you like about your classes, and or professors? What do you expect out of the semester?(grades, knowledge, etc.) How do you like living on campus? And lastly, what is your major and what do you like about it?
Shana McLaughlin
She likes that her professors tell stories about their careers. Considering what they have done is what she wants to do. She is an Early Childhood Education major. She loves the excitement she gets when she is in the classroom.This semester she hopes to make many new friends. She loves living on campus, because it has a great beach setting. “Living on campus offers many positive outcomes. You get to share an environment with people that have dreams and goals just like you. If you share these goals with SMCC, we will help you make your dreams come true.” Also this semester she is aiming to have her GPA be above a 3.0.
Dierdree Glassford
She is a hospitality/culinary arts major, and loves learning about the service industry, hearing stories from other people in her profession, and learning that the art of being a people person still holds some substance. “The CULA program here is the bomb, and Chef Boardman is the best mentor, understanding and supportive, but also pushes you to be your absolute best.”
All of her classes at first seemed pretty intimidating. She was worried she wouldn’t be able to handle it all, being a full time student and all. Her professors make her feel like she is completely supported and capable. “One in particular, Steven Banks, has no problem explaining things over again, and provides amazing notes. It’s extremely helpful and takes away the stress.”
She expects to get out of the semester alive. She plans on getting all A’s and B’s again, and hopes to successfully provide many different theater workshops for the SMCC theater club. She is hoping to just get through it and welcome summer.
Nicole Kindred
“My major is behavioral health and human services. I like that it’s training me to be a better help for people in need and showing me kind of what it’s like to be on their side of things and how to better understand and help them!”
She likes that the classes are small enough for you to get to know everyone, and learn their opinions on what is being studied, but also big enough to do your own thing.
She expects to strive this semester. She says last semester was a little rough, but being a first year student, that’s kind of expected.
Living on campus has its pros and cons just like everything else. She likes the fact that she can roll out of bed in the morning, 30 minutes before class starts, and still have plenty of time to make it on time. She loves that she doesn’t have to worry about the drive or gas money. She likes the dorms being small enough that you pretty much know everyone.


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