Letters to the Editor

The Beacon encourages letters from students, faculty and staff about campus, commentary about the newspaper, and more. All leters may be printed in anonymity if desired, but the sender must be identifiable for the Beacon editors. Those who submit should be concious for their word count.

We appreciate your input!

Dear Editor,

Jewett Hall Auditorium is our showroom; it is one of the few places on campus that sits over a hundred people, allowing us to host events, carry meetings, and make a good impression in the public’s eye. That is why I contend that Jewett’s auditorium is due for some updates/remodeling. I don’t say this as a criticism, but as a constructive idea.
Despite the financial struggles that SMCC is currently enduring, it would highly beneficial for this school of higher education to financially invest in appealing to more students. Imagine if we were to hold TEDx talks and host events for high school students as well as other public members? Not only would that carry the possibility of boosting the enrollment rate, it would also be a cause to take even more pride in our school.
This is my humble opinion, but it is shared by others, and I will be sure to share it at the Community Café. Thank you.


Erik Squire, SMCC Student

Dear Editor,

A few Wednesdays ago, unknowingly I dropped my wallet when I was getting out of my car in front of Hildreth Hall. I went all morning not realizing this. When I walked over to the cafeteria for lunch I realized I was without my wallet. A fellow colleague told me that a student found the wallet on the ground and handed it into the work-study office for safe keeping.
To the student who found my wallet and turned it into the work-study office, thank you, thank you, and thank you… Your thoughtful act turned what could have been a nightmarish day: cancelling my one and only debit card, replacing my driver’s license and having to get a new library card, into one that reaffirmed a belief that there are plenty of good hearted people on this planet.


C. Richard Ott, Adjunct Faculty



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