Tyranny in the Blaine House

lepageBeacon Editorial Staff
Feeling frustrated by John Fitszsimmons, the President of the Maine Community College System (MCCS), Governor Paul LePage demanded that the system’s trustees ensure Fitszsimmons’s resignation. If the trustees did not meet LePage’s order, LePage insisted that “they’re certainly going to feel the wrath.” Fitszsimmons, after 25 years as the MCCS president, announced his resignation on January 14.

LePage has again made it clear how he wants to run the state as governor. Instead of cultivating a trustful relationship between his administration and the MCCS, he exhibits a quality of despotism and ruthlessness. Instead of displaying a willingness to collaborate and a sense of magnanimity, he unabashedly takes the iron fist approach in his governance. He has shown he is willing to hold systems hostage until his demands are met.

Juxtaposed to LePage’s behaviors, and likely resisting the temptation to affect a vindictive tone, Fitzsimmons remarked on his resignation with, “I’m not sure I really understand his thinking on some of this, but that’s inconsequential. We have to move on. …I am simply not willing to put our colleges at risk.”

As a result of LePage’s actions, The Beacon cannot afford a vote of confidence for the Maine governor in ensuring that he has the best intentions for the MCCS. His recent actions further demonstrate that his agenda takes precedence over what is good for the whole of society, and that he will abuse his power to levy retribution on whoever proves to be a hurdle in his path.
We at The Beacon implore all concerned students and other individuals to review LePage’s education policies for a greater understanding.


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