Poetic License

So to all the skeptics, Poetic License has not died nor will it ever! This is my last semester at SMCC, hence my last contributions to The Beacon will be conducted during this time … although I have a feeling that this column will continue on with or without me (I imagined Bono singing that part, ugh) which leaves a sense of accomplishment I guess.
I hope everyone had a nice Winter Break. Mine was okay. Winter is kind of cruddy so it’s nice to be back. These poems are not in tune to anything I’ve just said.


I’m either firing from the
hip at the world with a machine gun
or I can’t get out of bed.
Which is it today?

It’s Good to be Back

The first glimpse I had
of the campus was in
the parking lot.
There was a car that was parked in
the driving lanes.
I took a picture of it.
Considered parking next to them
and starting a renegade parking movement,
but I didn’t have the guts.

Mathematics (Haiku)

I hope I pass Math
this time so I can move on
in the World or Life.



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