Dining With Dierdree The Great Lost Bear

the-great-lost-bear-51317b1b54b9725ec0001505Dierdree Glassford
Culinary Arts Major
Over the break we all had plenty of time to think over what our New Year’s resolutions were going to be. Some of us will take the vow to read more and watch TV less, some of us will promise that we will see more family and friends, and some of us have vowed to eat less and exercise more. We all make these decisions, each year, and hold ourselves to them. This year, my resolution is simple. Be positive, breathe, and eat whatever the heck I want!

I started off this year with a bang. When my family from Canada came down for the holidays, my sister told me to find a good place in Portland to eat. As that is one of my favorite things to do, I already had a list of places that I wanted to visit, that I had heard had amazing grub! The first place that came to mind though was The Great Lost Bear, located at 540 Forest Avenue, with its enormous menu that accommodates all, a fantastic staff, and plenty of entertainment to go around.
With a table of nine, there is bound to be differences in meal preferences. However, with the variety of options that The Great Lost Bear provides, there is no way that you will have trouble finding something to suit your fancy. For an appetizer we decided to buy the fried veggies for the table; they come with a dipping sauce and they are a nice, crunchy, delicious way to start off a meal.

Then it came down to choosing a meal! SO many options, how could we pick? We decided to get a couple of items to share, starting with the Super Chicken Nachos, hot, loaded, and perfectly cooked, they were mouthwatering. We also got an order of the Mac & Cheese, baked to perfection, and absolutely deliciously creamy and gluttonous.

the great lost bearMy sister, who wanted some lighter fare, went with a Thai Chicken roll, which she let me take a nibble out of. It was refreshing, yet filling, but also really healthy as well. Of course there were fries on the table, and everyone dug into those, and by the time desert hit the table I couldn’t breathe from all the different meals I tried.

The Great Lost Bear has been around since it was first started in 1979, and in the restaurant business to still be around today, that shows that they certainly know what they are doing. Throughout the entire night the service was fantastic, personable, and comfortable. If you are looking for a great place to spend some time with some family, or to bring your best bud on their 21st, or to just simply enjoy a one on one date with your significant other, this is the place to go.

‘Til our next bite,
Dining Dierdree



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