SMCC Debate Team Triumphs at Wake Forest

Jason-Saman 2Team Baghestani/Glynn do it again

By Maisarah Miskoon

Winston, NC – Saman Baghestani and Jason Glynn have done SMCC proud by winning a debate round arguing the affirmative against the University of Miami team at the 2014 Franklin R Shirley Classic Debate on the 15th and 16th of November.
The competition, held at Wake Forest University, had attracted over 130 teams from all across the country, from University of California, Berkeley to Arizona State. Many of the bigger schools boasted bigger debate clubs and even had up to three teams entering the competition.
Our dynamic and brave duo faced stiff competition as they debated teams from Dartmouth College, Cornell, Wayne State University, and University of Iowa. They fought valiantly but were outwitted by deserving and experienced teams. Nevertheless, they were challenged and felt truly humble to be there amongst worthy adversaries.
Madelyn Holm, a CeSIL staff member who served as the team’s advisor, was amazed and blown away by the display of talent during the two days of intense competition, even though she felt that “mouths shouldn’t be allowed to move that quickly” when watching some of the debate rounds.
Jason Glynn piped that his debate experience was “pretty fun stuff and there’s nothing like southern hospitality,” but added that “NC is no warmer than Maine.” I’m afraid, it’s that time of year again, Jay.
So congratulations once again, Saman and Jason, for showing that students can do anything if they put their minds to it: whether it’s making a difference in debate or advocating for positive change, we can do it!


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