Poetic License

Poetic LicenseBy Patrick Doyle
Everything we do, creatively or not, is basically a reaction to the world around us. The world has many facets; people, places, things that happen, etc. For me, and many others, the proper reaction to the world is through the creative act. It’s not only a way to get thoughts out there, but also a way to assess the self and notice what we do. This poem below deals with the personal world (people and the self) and is a response to the actions of myself along with others.
Off The Hook

Phone’s on and there’s a hum
There’s nothing to say
Burnt bridges
Dug trenches
Ringing in my head
Just keep back and stay away
Lashing out at no notice
Regardless of a motif
Spilling yr guts like a butchered animal
Except you hunt me down
And rip yourself open
Hollow interior, nothing there
Can’t you tell by my eyes
That there’s something between us?
Just keep back and stay away
I need a century to compose


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