Dining Dierdree: Taco Trio

By Dining DierdreeTacoTrio2

So I have been to a lot of different food establishments in the South Portland and Portland area. I have eaten pizza, pasta, BBQ, had an amazing breakfast sandwich that filled me to the brim. I am a huge fan of new food, especially from different cultures, and this time around I decided to ask friends and family from the area where I should go to get the best Mexican food. Out of all the places, Taco Trio got the majority vote for best place to get your Mexican food cravings out of the way. After eating there myself, I now know what it is everyone was talking about!
Located in South Portland at 119 Ocean Street, a short walk away from Cia, the great coffee shop I reviewed a few weeks back, Taco Trio’s traditional Mexican cuisine is to die for. Right when I arrived I noticed their sensation for the season, decorating and celebrating autumn and making you remember that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Past the seasonal decorations the entire shop has an eclectic but minimalistic décor, giving off comfortable vibes and catching your eye here and there. Metal lizards of all different shapes and sizes live on the sun-colored walls, reminding you of the desert and making you feel toasty warm as this frigid winter air makes its way through our bones.
The wait is worth it, as you walk in you find yourself behind several other hungry civilians who have made Taco Trio one of their regular hot spots for good eats. The time in line gives you a minute to catch your breath and examine the menu, which has many different traditional Mexican options, from your basic burritos and tacos, to chimichangas and sopas. I decided on the special of the day, a chimichanga with chipotle mayo, a delicious combination of flavors with a slight kick to it. Ok, a bit more than slight; I personally am not much of a spicy food person, so it took some willpower to get through. Not only does Taco Trio pride itself from making all of its ingredients fresh daily, they use ingredients that are as traditional to the culture of the food as possible, such as epazote, nopales (cactus leaves), goat meat, cilantro, and masa.
One of the most unique and exciting parts of the restaurant is the many different options they provided for fresh salsa! Each menu item comes with at least two different options for salsa, and at the self serve station you can pick from an array of different flavors and heat levels! For people more on the mild side they had the option of trying a mango salsa, which had a burst of fruit flavor that helped to offset the spice in the dish! For someone a bit more on the adventurous side and likes that bold spice to their dish, they have options such as a habanero salsa or a jalapeño toreado, which are both determined to burn your tongue off, in the best way possible of course.
Once ordered the wait for your food is fairly short. With the chefs going at warp speed, you can watch the open kitchen as they create the food they are passionate and proud of. The entire place feels like a beehive, a buzzing of people from all different backgrounds and age types can find themselves comfortable and at home amongst the lizards and the Spanish music playing over the speakers. The sound of conversation flowing over a filling delicious meal is music to my ears. I plan on making Taco Trio my go-to stop for my Taco Tuesday, how about you?


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