Putting the “Pro” in Pro-Active Advice

By Maisarah Miskoon

It’s crunch time, people, and only four more weeks till we get to enjoy the company of family and friends for the holidays, and not to mention, a whole lot of “Me” time. But until then, let us bury ourselves in textbooks, notes, and study guides. I’ll be at the Learning Commons if anybody needs me.
Dear Maisarah,
I have missed three math classes already and I’m afraid that I will get a bad grade because of my attendance. Will my instructor fail me?
Dear Math-absentee,
Why don’t you ask your instructor that question? Send them an email, drop by their office, or ask them after class for a grade update. If you have valid reasons for not attending class, you need to inform your instructor and work something out. No instructor would purposely fail you for missing three classes, but I’m sure that they will appreciate it if you talk to them instead of speculating and pulling your hair out over nothing. Start with a “Hello…” That always helps.
Dear Maisarah,
This is my second year in SMCC and I’m planning to transfer to a 4 year university next fall but I have not been actively participating in any extracurricular activities on or off campus. What can I do and how should I start looking?
Dear Striving Sophomore,
For starters, I would direct you to the CeSIL (Center for Student Involvement and Leadership) office at the Springpoint Residence Hall. Our Director of Resident Life and Student Involvement, Shane Long, or any of the friendly CeSIL staff at the office will be able to guide you through the many student clubs and societies on campus from volunteering at the Captain’s Cupboard to building green houses for the Boys and Girls Clubs with ENACTUS or participating in Student Senate meetings. Each club and society have different meeting times and responsibilities, so take that into account when planning your schedule. I hope this helps. All the best for your future endeavours!


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