Poetic License


by Patrick Doyle

stFor the first time in Poetic License history, a

featured instead of one of my own. This is not to account for any laziness or writer’s block on my part, but as a means of getting someone else’s work out there. It’s funny, I kind of like it not being my own work. Welp, here ya go, enjoy.udent poem will be

The Money

by Shawn M. Chapla

“They’ve started to catch on,” she tells me,

“that people are just here for the money.”

When I ask her what she means, she says,

this semester, if you get an academic alert, you have to talk

to an advisor before you can collect your refund check.

“So I have to do this stupid homework,” she tells me,

“even though I’m gonna take an AF.”

I imagine how her professor would feel

to see her copy-and-pasting

Google search results into an essay

he will never hand back.

Meanwhile, she’ll still be working two jobs, one at Amato’s

and one serving Sysco chicken and rice to senior citizens.

But now, in her living room, will be a seventy-two inch television

that she was able to purchase with the leftovers from her Pell Grant.

Sentenced For Crimes Against Humanity

By An Anonymously Forewarning Voice

Shackled and lead

To that island of dread

For what

72 inches of channel zero

Grades below average
Treated like savage
For what
I needed the money

Now stuck with these

Penal colony buffoons

On this island of

Misfit miss-educated pell grant grubbing hooligans

A cockroach lives in my cell
Taught it how to be a fraud
It worked for me for so long
But now that time has come’n gone

I lie here suspended

Not so cool as cool hand Luke

For a random number 50

22 less than I

All I have left is a shrine,
the check stub at the center
is mine & my morning routine
keeps my toiletry finances keen.

Again shackled and bound

Sent to maximum no time to relax amongst them

For I am that bum, that silly little bum
That thought it clever to defraud and…

I have sent appeals, East & West,
no replies have been met.
Take it from me, I’m the fool,
Get your check and stay in school.


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